Racism is an ideology, which differentiates racial groups as per their ethnicity against that of another group. To put it in simple terms, racism in the modern-day history deals with human colors, where a black person is considered inferior against that of a white.

Racism in Canada was even imminent on issues apart from colors, like caste and creed, which made certain communities suffer in the modern history. Whites are known to be the tormentors and have exploited all other racial minorities worldwide.

Racism is a failed ideology, which highlighted the hate and deprivation of a person belonging from a certain lower caste or creed.Canada, being a progressive nation today, has its fair share of institutional racism inclusion. Institutional Racism is one of those concepts, which reflects how thinking and blatant profiling imminent on the people who term it. For an instance, a certain targeted community having a reputation of witnessing a large number of misfortunes is termed for being a wrong doer in all cases, even prior investigation.

Institutional Racism is also called Systematic Racism, prevailed much across Canada, which saw some of the largest migrations in the last 400 years. Institutional Racism is easily one of the embarrassing philosophies for the victims, who are profiled as a potential threat or disgrace for doing no wrong. Here are some of the excerpts in Canadian history.

  • Anti-Chinese Immigration Laws: As per the norms of the Canadian government, Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 promises to charge 50 Dollars tax for Chinese descendant. This profiling was done on the basis to put a cap on the migrators. The concept failed somewhat, which led to an increase in the tax up to $100. The process of capping was prevalent even in the last decade.
  • Take on Indigenous People: Canada is one of the nations, whose non-indigenous people remain in the poorest of conditions. Despite the major population influx in the country witnessed by the settlers from Europe, the indigenous people even today are left with too little.
  • Other Notable Events: Residential Schools in Canada, mostly under Christian Missionaries were left with an option in converting the indigenous tribe to Christians.Thanks to the Indian Act in 1876, a number of people started to visit schools. By the 20th century, there were over 70 residential schools established to school minorities.

Institutional Racism in Canada had its impact. In the mid-19th century, the natives received some sort of assistance, which came from a great struggle. Institutional Racism, thus barely ceases to exist in the country nowadays.