Are there any short-cut methods in combating racism?

The xenophobia is the fear of ‘unlike ourselves,’ which results in discrimination or other prejudices on the racial and ethnic bases. Many of you might be aware of the racism prevalent in the United States of America about anti-black racism. If you are among those who feel that the USA was an isolated place where the racism was dominant unlike the neighboring countries such as Canada, perhaps, you need to think twice. Continue reading “Are there any short-cut methods in combating racism?”

Insight about history of racism in Canada

Canada may not seem like a country, which was infamously known to have racial profiling of certain communities. Racism in Canada was present from the mid-17th century to the mid-20th century. Blacks, in particular,were profiled to be slaves of whites. The case of white supremacy leading to enslaving of black people has led to numerous historical breakaways. These opened up several theories of how an enslaved community came up to what they are today. Continue reading “Insight about history of racism in Canada”