The xenophobia is the fear of ‘unlike ourselves,’ which results in discrimination or other prejudices on the racial and ethnic bases. Many of you might be aware of the racism prevalent in the United States of America about anti-black racism. If you are among those who feel that the USA was an isolated place where the racism was dominant unlike the neighboring countries such as Canada, perhaps, you need to think twice.


The ethnic racism in Canada has an origin in the mid 19th century when the Head Tax was introduced to the Chinese population. Though the same was repealed, apologized, etc., the racism continues not only against the Chinese or partially the Jews but also against the non-ethnic group.

There are a host of examples of racism in the country. The discrimination does not confine to the schools and other educational institutions but at large, the inherent prejudice exists. In fact, a spurt in the incidents has risen from 1167 incidents in the year 2013 to 1409 in the year 2016 and in instances, it has been more violent than before. The hate crime has also witnessed an increase of 16%.

How to combat?

Though in the recent past, it has been recognized to minimize the racism, there has been a mixed reaction to the deep-rooted issues.

  • The primary step is self-examination by the peers about their own prejudice or reluctance, which has been inherent in deep-rooted Unless you change the behavioral pattern with your children either in verbal or non-verbal communication, it will have a great bearing on the behavior of children among the co-students to repeat such a pattern.
  • You need to broaden the social circle of children.
  • Educate them about the respect and self-esteem of every individual in society.
  • Insist upon the zero-tolerance of racism at home and other social gatherings.
  • Teach the children the consequences of unacceptable racism behavioral pattern.
  • Parents and guardians need to be more participative in the activities of children monitoring the behavior of a child.
  • The parents or other adults can raise the topic with the teachers in an appropriate forum like the Parent-Teacher Interactive sessions.

The recent measures undertaken have witnessed some mixed reactions from both the groups. This is not a point of discouragement. There are, of course, no ready-made shortcut methods to deal with the problem. However, unless they tread the path very cautiously, there are chances of backfire. It may take some time to totally eradicate racism, discrimination or the long prevailed prejudices but certainly would have a positive result.