Tips to consider when looking for a job

Tips to consider when looking for a job

Looking for a job can be a frustrating exercise. There are a lot of discouraging moments and broken hearts in the process. Often people are inclined to give up, but the necessity of acquiring a job keeps them moving on. During this time it is important to always keep hope and to avoid getting discouraged by failed attempts.

When looking for a job it is important to search for vacancies which correspond to your own qualifications. This is one way of avoiding disappointments. When applying for job vacancies you should be very honest with yourself and know your limits.

For example, you cannot apply for a managerial job when you have no working experience and you have not undertaken any managerial course. It is also important to note the secondary qualifications required for any job. For example, some jobs are specific about certain ages, sex, religion, and even nationality or tribe.

For example, there are some jobs that may require one to be posted in a remote location where one will have to interact with the locals, such a person has to know the language and preferably be a native of the place. Another example is where you have to work in a job that is based on religion. For example, it would be impractical to work for a Christian non-governmental organization if you are not a Christian.

Jobs that are high profile or jobs that have very good rewards, or even those which are from prestigious companies often have a lot of competition. As such, the very best candidates are chosen for these positions. Unless you are confident of your qualifications, or unless you are were born under a very lucky star, you might be wasting your time applying for these jobs if your qualifications are mediocre.

There are jobs however that do not require you to have outstanding qualifications and do not necessarily require a lot of experience. You can start with these kinds of jobs to build your portfolio before applying for jobs of a higher profile. For example, there are freelancing jobs of many kinds that one can start with and they can help you develop a very good resume. If you are a writer for example, you could start by freelancing.

When freelancing, ensure that you always produce the very best quality. This is what will help you get recognition. During the freelancing period, life might be hard due to the meagre pay that is often associated with startup freelancers, and even getting contracts can be quite challenging. Many times people have had to start by providing free services before they can get paying jobs.

Although freelancing is often used as a stepping stone to more permanent more rewarding jobs, it could also be done as a full time occupation.

Freelancers who have top-notch skill do not have to be employed. Once they have built a respectable portfolio, clients will usually seek for their services. Freelancers who are highly rated provide their services at very high rates and they are often able to receive much better pay than their counterparts in employment.

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