The new ways of life brought about by the internet

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The internet is a pretty new invention. It is hardly 50 years old. However, it has completely changed the way people live today. The internet has brought about major changes in all aspects of the human lives. From the way man transacts his business, how man communicates, the social life of man; it has generally made the world a small village.

One of the major factors or attributes of the internet is the way in which it has reduced the distance of any two points in the world. Today you can communicate to anyone in the world instantaneously. This has hugely reduced the time over which transactions were made. For example, if you wanted to make an order of a consignment of goods from China, it would require an overseas call that could take long to connect. It would then take a lot of time for the company in question to relay back the request confirmation. Then the payment transactions would begin with a check taking ages to be shipped.

Today one can order for goods from any point in the world within 10 minutes. All one needs is good internet connectivity and voila! The business deal is complete! Due to this huge improvement in terms of speed, business has increased a hundredfold around the world. Countries can now transact business with countries that they did not know existed before. Business is not constrained geographically.

The social aspect of human life today has also been hugely affected and influenced by the internet. Since it is easy to communicate to anyone across the world in an instant, communication has become very easy. It is also very cheap. Whereas a long distance call would cost you lots of money, a message sent to a loved one abroad over the internet would cost just a few cents.

Communication is also unrestricted. You can communicate with anyone no matter the age, country, sex, religion or whatever. Communication over the internet also comes in different formats. You can send images over the internet, you can send text, and you can communicate via audio calls.

These easy and convenient communication channel has led to the rise of the new phenomenon called “social media”. This is the new form of passing messages and it is one of the fastest means of personal communication. A single message can reach thousands of personal inboxes within a very short time. This mode of communication is however filled with dangers especially since there is no control over the kind of content that is being transferred.

Due to the many ways that the internet is being used, there has also been a huge increase in demand for people supporting these systems. The numerous websites need people to maintain them with constant updates of new content. There needs to be people managing the real-time forums, there needs to be people monitoring online marketing schemes, and numerous other crucial tasks.

The internet however has a special ability that provides for the capability of people to work remotely. People can now be hired online from wherever they are. They can do their job from whichever part of the world and they can be paid online. This has helped in solving the problem of the huge taskforce needed.

The new ways of life brought about by the internet Credit Picture License: World Wide Web via photopin cc