The birth of new jobs as traditional jobs become scarce

The birth of new jobs as traditional jobs become scarce

If you want to earn some money, the traditional and accepted way is to do some work, or to sell something. Working is the easiest, accepted way of working since you do not have to give anything in exchange for the money, only your services. It can however become complicated if the job or services in question require someone uniquely skilled.

There are many jobs which people can do that do not require any exceptionally high skills. Jobs like farm workers, sanitation workers, painters, grocery clerks, assembly line workers or messengers. These jobs are however changing and people are now being required to have some training and some qualifications. For example, there are compounds whose lawn you cannot mow unless you are a qualified landscaper! There are cleaning jobs that you might not get without certification!

As such, these simple menial jobs are increasingly becoming scarce as more skill or experience is required. In effect, the people who are without any particular skill are being left out in the cold without any jobs they can do.

Skilled people are also not spared. Despite having gone to school for many years and being trained extensively for particular jobs, many qualified and certified individuals are also left in the cold without jobs. This is because the rate at which skilled people are being produced is much faster than the rate at which new jobs are being created.

At the end of the day, the market is continually being filled with unemployed skilled and unskilled people. But they have to survive in one way or another. What do they do?

In this day, there are alternative ways of making money. People can no longer rely on the traditional jobs or ways of making money. New avenues of making a living are being discovered day in day out.

For example, there are new kinds of jobs that are coming up e.g. pet washing, grocery delivery, pet walking, virtual assistant, travel agent, data entry clerk, and other new jobs. These jobs do not require a lot of skill to accomplish but they need to be done and the owners of the jobs do not have the time to do them, so they hire people to do them. Depending on the type of job, these new simple jobs can be able to pay well and even sustain a living.

Technology has also brought about a host of many other jobs. This is especially the case with the internet. There are thousands of jobs that are created daily due to the internet. There are websites to be created and new content to be written all the time. There are marketing schemes to be carried out over the internet and follow up activities to be done to seek their effectiveness. The internet has opened up a fountain of jobs for skilled and unskilled persons.

The internet provides some very simple online jobs that would only require one to have the skill of reading or using the internet. There are jobs such as completing online surveys, data entry, watching online videos, playing online games, and sending, reading or replying to emails.

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