My young son is a naturally gifted musician

musician-3My son is a musician. We realized his talent very early. When he was a toddler, my son simply loved melodies. When you sang to him or spoke to him in melodious tones he would easily be soothed. The kinds of pacifiers he liked were those that could make a melodious sound. My wife wisely suggested we put wind chime bars over his head. That was the end of him waking us up in the middle of the night when he lost his sleep.

As he grew older, we realized that he was always hitting on things using anything he could pick. For example, we realized that he was always hitting his plate with his spoon. We however realized that he was making some music with his beats. It was then obvious that he had a knack for music. At first I thought he would be a drummer due to his passion of making beats using everything and anything he could find but I later realized that his passion for music was spread over many areas.

Soon after he could talk, my boy was singing. Any song that he heard he would quickly learn the melody and although he could not properly pronounce the words in the songs, he was content to mumble anything so long as he held the tune. This continued until when he joined kindergarten, and this is when we realized the true extent of our son’s talent.

My boy quickly grasped all the songs that the teacher taught them and he would remember them clearly afterwards. He was way ahead of other kids his age in this, and the teacher commented to us about it. The teacher went on to advise us that we should try and nature this talent as much as possible as this was a pretty good sign of a future musician.

Not only had his singing improved but his drumming of things had improved and he was making much better beats. Since he could now talk and express himself, we were surprised one day when he asked for a drum. I later came to realize that he had learnt what a drum was from school.

I readily bought him a kiddie’s drum set and he took to it like a duck to water. I was surprised soon after when he could make some complicated pieces of music without guidance from anybody. My wife and I were both not enthusiasts of music. We were amazed at how our son was making music that none of us could make. I decided to do all I could to make him grow his talent as much as he could.

I consulted with the school where we were taking him and I was directed to the music teacher. She was in charge of teaching music in the school although classes did not start in kindergarten. When she reviewed and assessed my son’s singing skills, she was swept off her feet. She offered to take on training the boy immediately despite his young age. She also advised us to think about enrolling him to a children music school where he could perfect his music instrument playing skills.