My job is taking up all my time… I need to get a life!

job satisfaction 1I need to do something about my life, or rather I need to get a life. My life is a miserable routine where I wake up every morning, fix up a cup of coffee, take a shower, dress up and take off for the office. I usually take the MRT at the station which is only a ten minute walk away from the HDB flat where I have my rented apartment. From the station, I take another fifteen minute walk to my workplace where I work until late.

My life is all about my work. I am a computer designer and I think I have the best job in the world… or rather, the best job in the world for me. I am quite talented in computer design and I love the challenges that my job gives me. I work in a major company in the marketing world and I always have great challenges of creating artwork for other companies to use in their promotions.

Apart from my job providing me with great challenges that have me fully occupied every day, I also have great workmates. The department I work in has guys who make the environment quite enjoyable to work in. We have a hilarious guy who always has a new joke to share, we have the talkative lady who always has some fresh gossip, there is the timid quiet gentleman who is our number one point of reference whenever we get stuck in our work, and there is the buxom lady who keeps us well supplied with all kinds of goodies as we work.

Despite having such a great job with, I must say, quite a good pay check, I am still not happy. My work takes up all my time and as such my life is all about my work. All other aspects of life are passing me by!

My sister is always telling me that I need to get a wife. She says that I need to get around more and socialize more if I am ever going to get a wife. I am in my mid-thirties and still single without anybody in the picture. It is not that I would not mind a partner whom I can love and who can love me back, but I am kind of scared of getting in a relationship with my current state of life.

The small dingy apartment I call home is not a place I would be proud hosting anyone in. I rented the house hurriedly once I got my job. I needed a place to live in and I needed it fast. The first HDB flat I had visited happened to have a vacancy. The price was good and I was glad that I would not have to use real estate agents to rent the house. At the time I was not very concerned about the condition of the walls that even then badly needed some paint work.

I need to move to a better home. I need to plan my time better and give more time to social activities and not spend all my time in the office. I need to get a life.