How students are driving the economy through technology

How students are driving the economy through technology

Students are very innovative. They are at an age when they are free to explore. Their minds are still active and young. Being without any major responsibilities, apart from maybe their education and training, they can focus on new ideas. The environment of the student is also unique in that the student is always surrounded by like minds which encourage the productivity of the mind. Another great factor that can be attributed to the innovative nature of the student is the loads of free time that is at their disposal.

Many times the combination of these factors has led to great to inventions although many times it has also led to the students going astray into wicked unscrupulous activities.

Today the students can be applauded for helping society in making great leaps in the social and technological spheres. Many technological inventions have been conceived by students while yet in college. These technological inventions shape the economy of the world today and even influence the daily life of very many people around the world.

Many companies are today producing products and basing their policies on the market which has an emphasis on college and high school students. Youths generally make up the bigger percentage of the earthly population. They are also known to spend more readily than other groups. These spending habits help to drive the world economy. Technological gadgets and youth activities make up huge chunks of yearly expenditure budgets worldwide.

When the internet came, as usual, the students were the first major consumers. Surfing the net became popular and companies saw the need to move their business online. Technological gadgets were made to make surfing easier and more convenient. Media houses had to perform a huge migration of their content to the online platform.

As such, the demand for internet experts grew. Demand for web applications, websites, internet hardware, online marketing materials, translators, online clerks, and a host of other online professions came up. These were all professions that were not existent before.

Again, as it is the trend with new inventions, these new professions were hugely taken up by the students. Students were able to embrace this new way of life faster and more easily. Today many of the new jobs related to technology and inventions are being taken up by people fresh from college.

Due to the exponential increase of online jobs, there is less emphasis on qualification in the part of anyone who wants to do the jobs. The jobs are also mostly very simple and require only basic skills. For example, there are jobs that require one to simply play an online video game and get paid, some require one to simply complete online surveys, while others are simple data entry jobs.

Students have taken advantage of the availability of these jobs and their simple nature and are using their bountiful free time to make extra money.

Since the jobs do not have strict time lines and anyone from anywhere in the world qualifies, the students can juggle their study time and working time comfortably. Students are now getting more money than before and they are reinvesting the money back into the economy with their free spending.

How students are driving the economy through technology Credit Picture License: School Assembly via photopin cc